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Child Protection Training English

Veranstaltungstermin : 04.02.2023 (13:00-18:00)

Event-Typ: Seminar

Kontakt: david.bunce@baptisten.at

The Free Churches in Austria have adopted a child protection policy which applies to churches in the five unions. One of the requirements of the policy is attending a child protection training. This is an opportunity to do the training in English.


The basis for our time together is the Child Protection policy of the Free Churches in Austria (https://kjw-baptisten.at/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/FKOE_Kinderschutz_Standard-Ordnung_KSR-FKOe_V01_20220621.pdf). I am aware that not everyone speaks German and I have commissioned an English language translation, the key bits of which will be available at our meeting in February and the rest of which will come shortly afterwards.


In the course of our afternoon together, we will be thinking about:


- What safeguarding is and how this can be embodied on an institutional level

- What risks there might be to children and young people (e.g. abuse, violence and neglect)

- What we need to think about when recruiting volunteers and staff members (safer recruitment)

- A culture of feedback and where failure is safe and can be learned from

- What to do in the worst case scenario


In case you are worried that this is all sounding a bit dry - don’t! I make sure that the seminar is interactive and lively. Participants have regularly said that it was a great experience and well worth their time.


Event location: Krummgasse 6, 1030 Wien


Please note that a registration is compulsory www.cognitoforms.com/KJW10/ChildProtectionTraining4February